An Introduction to Vaccine Safety

Deciding to inject a product into your or your child’s body is an important decision. This brief introduction to vaccine safety, cited to official government sources, will help you make […]

The Danger Of Eliminating Vaccine Exemptions

This document highlights a few of the vaccine safety and efficacy issues necessitating the need for informed consent for vaccination and the ability to openly criticize our vaccine policies. At […]

Introduction To Vaccine Safety And Policy In The United States

ICAN spent months researching the state of vaccine safety in the United States. The shocking result of this effort was presented to the heads of the National Institutes of Health […]

How Aluminum Adjuvants In Vaccines Can Cause Autism

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) asserts that vaccines and vaccine ingredients have been disproven as potential causes of autism. Statements by the CDC are generic and encompass all vaccines […]

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