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CDC Cannot Back up its “Facts” Regarding Potential Genetic Mutation from Covid-19 Vaccines

The CDC has come up short again. This time, our attorneys simply asked it for “all documents relied upon” for its claims that the Pfizer and Moderna Covid shots do […]

Conflicts of Interest in Pfizer Vaccine Trial

Oh what a tangled web pharma weaves with its arbiters of vaccine safety. Appointed in secret, meeting in secret, identities kept secret, and all paid by the companies they are […]

Pfizer Adds 600 Full-Time Employees to Handle Volume of Reported Adverse Events

The attorneys that represent ICAN are representing the plaintiff in a lawsuit against the FDA to obtain Pfizer’s covid vaccine documents.  They recently secured an unredacted copy of a previously […]

Update on Tanner Donaldson, the 9-Year-Old in Need of a Kidney Transplant

In late February 2022, we introduced you to a 9-year-old boy in Ohio, Tanner Donaldson, who needs a kidney transplant due to his stage 5 chronic kidney disease. Despite the […]

CDC Cannot Provide an Instance of a Single Confirmed COVID-19 Death in a Child Younger Than 16

On February 1, 2022, ICAN, through its attorneys, submitted two Freedom of Information Act requests to the CDC for any documentation concerning confirmed COVID-19 deaths in children 11 years old […]

70% of COVID Cases Among CDC Employees in August 2021 Were in Vaccinated Employees!

ICAN has obtained an official response to FOIA requests submitted by ICAN’s attorneys to the CDC regarding the number of positive COVID-19 cases among its employees, as well as how […]

ICAN-Obtained Study Shows Adverse Events Increase When Chickenpox and MMR Vaccines are Given at the Same Time

FDA and Merck have known about these harms for 25 years and yet failed to warn pediatricians or parents Background and context When Merck’s M-M-R II was licensed in 1978, […]

FDA Does Not Follow Its Own Advice Regarding Testing

The FDA repeatedly asserts the importance of tracking Covid infections in the workplace, schools, etc., authorizing hundreds of tests and even claiming that “testing remains a cornerstone of the national […]

US Surgeon General is Seeking Stories About Health “Misinformation” and ICAN Calls on You to Respond

The US. Surgeon General has made an offical request “calling for research, data, and personal experiences related to health misinformation.” The online form contains 7 questions which present an opportunity […]

Pfizer’s Own Informed Consent Documents Undermine FDA and CDC’s Cries of “Safe and Effective”

Pfizer’s own informed consent documents, recently obtained by ICAN, show it discloses potential concerns, including myocarditis, original antigenic sin, and birth defects, while the FDA & CDC whitewash these concerns […]
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