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ICAN v. CDC – CDC Cannot Supports its Claim That “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism”

Artinian v. Massachusetts Dep’t of Health – MA Withdraws its Flu Shot Mandate

ICAN v. FDA – Chicken Pox Vaccine Should Never Have Been Licensed

ICAN v. FDA – Hepatitis B Vaccine Should Never Have Been Licensed

ICAN Supports Successful Legal Challenges to COVID-19 Vaccines Mandates

ICAN v. NIH, CDC and FDA – ICAN Obtains Fauci, Etc., COVID-19 Emails

ICAN v. FDA – ICAN Brings Lawsuit Related to “Placebo” in COVID-19 Clinical Trial

ICAN v. Lead Stories – Facebook “Fact Check” Retracted

ICAN v. CDC – Serious Conflicts of Interest in Vaccine Safety

ICAN Supports Successful Challenges to NYC’s Forced MMR Violations

ICAN Supports Successful Challenge to Exclusion of Disabled Child from NY School