CDC Admits Once and for All It Has No Basis for Its Claim That COVID-19 Vaccines Do Not Cause Variants

ICAN, through its attorneys, has now asked the CDC to support its claim that COVID-19 vaccines are not causing variants in every way possible.  We updated you on the CDC’s response to our two prior requests on this topic and we just received a third and final response from the CDC quoted in the chart below.  This chart makes it crystal clear that the CDC’s claim that COVID-19 vaccines do not contribute to driving variants is simply a belief.  Not science.

Really.  Truly.  It is incredibly concerning that the CDC is asleep at the wheel in a bus it is forcing all of us to ride in.  The CDC is even asleep at the wheel regarding the simple issue of whether the vaccine will be effective against variants.  As the CDC director recently said about the immunity from the COVID-19 vaccine: nobody told her “it’ll wear off” or that it won’t be “as potent against the next variant.”  But yet the CDC, without any supporting documentation, asserts it is a “fact” that variants are not caused by COVID-19 vaccines.

The CDC’s failure to support its claim that COVID-19 vaccines not causing variants is a prime example of why public “health” officials should never have any control over any of our lives and ICAN will continue to expose the truth until that becomes a reality.

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