The ICAN notice to UNICEF highlighting a recent study showing increased death rates amongst children who had received the DTP vaccine.

World-renown vaccine experts at the University of Southern Denmark, in one of the first ever properly controlled comparison of vaccinated children to completely unvaccinated children, concluded that children vaccinated with DTP were 10 times more likely to die in the first 6 months of life than the unvaccinated. UNICEF supplies first world countries with what is considered a safer form of this vaccine, DTaP, but supplies to most third world countries DTP. We demand that UNICEF cease distributing DTP vaccine or provide scientific support its DTP campaigns are not resulting in mass murder.



The response from UNICEF to ICAN can be found below, which was sent on February 2018. In their response, UNICEF explained the shared responsibility of vaccines with the WHO (World Health Organization) and expressed the importance of vaccine safety.

However, they refer to a study conducted by the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) in 2014 regarding the safety of the DTP vaccine, and it’s link to mortality. Not once in the reply do they refer to the study in question. The notice sent by UNICEF failed to supply any information ICAN requested.

ICAN Response

MARCH 2018

As a follow up to UNICEF’s failure to respond to our questions in our original correspondence, ICAN again urges UNICEF to quickly join all developing nations and cease administration of the DTP vaccine.

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